Google Pixel 8 Pro user review: iPhone users give their opinion (ADV)

According to Google, switching from iPhone to Android has become incredibly easy with the Google Pixel 8 Pro. That’s why we asked three loyal ones a few weeks ago iPhonedreaders to test the device. You can read their findings here.

Google Pixel 8 Pro: this is what three loyal readers think

At the beginning of October, we started our search for three readers who were willing to exchange their trusted iPhone for a Google Pixel 8 Pro. We randomly appointed three people who could examine the device in detail.

Liza, Andre and George took the Pixel 8 Pro into their daily lives for two weeks. The device has been tested on specific points, but our test panel also included their general experiences in the assessment. You can read all the experiences in this Pixel 8 Pro user review.

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Switch to Android easily…

Google Pixel 8 Pro user review: iPhone users give their opinion (ADV)
Photo by Liza

The very first step when switching to a new smartphone is of course transferring all data. Google supplies everything you need: from an 8-pin to USB-C connector to a step-by-step plan. As a result, according to Liza, nothing can actually go wrong. However, Liza notes that the included steps are not in sync with the actual process. This gives you the feeling that you have skipped a step.

You connect the new device to your iPhone and the device can then copy all data or you select what is transferred yourself. Andre chose the first option so he could see which data would and which would not. Liza saw that even apps such as calendar and notes were not skipped.

The three encountered no further problems. George indicates that transferring his data came naturally for him too. Andre finds it useful that Google provides various notifications with suggestions for adjusting the settings of the device.

Liza is also pleasantly surprised that her AirPods Pro can simply be connected to the Google smartphone, although they cannot be operated via the Pixel 8 Pro. The battery percentage of the wireless earbuds is therefore not visible on the device and you can only operate the noise canceling via the earphones themselves.

…or too good to be true?

Andre missed a number of apps that were present in Google’s Play Store and Liza also missed a number of telephone numbers. Liza comments: “It seems too good to be true and as far as I’m concerned it is.” She thought the process took a very long time. Copying the data took the Pixel 8 Pro more than an hour and then the apps still had to be installed. After 3 hours in total, Liza was finally able to use the device.

Everything is different, Liza indicates. George and Andre also had to get used to the new operating system. That’s especially inconvenient if you’re in a hurry, Liza thinks. Quickly opening the camera and turning off the alarm clock were things that suddenly had to be thought about. However, she also admits that switching to another operating system always takes some getting used to.

Intelligent camera surprises

With the Google Pixel 8 Pro, Google mainly focuses on the camera and the use of AI. We also saw this in the findings of our test panel iPhoned. Liza: “It is a fact that the Google Pixel 8 Pro easily takes the sharpest photos.” Andre also says that all photos are razor sharp, even when zooming in.

Andre attended a garden center Christmas show and that was a good opportunity to try the Magic Eraser. It was busy and therefore the software had some difficulty detecting all people. That’s why he switched to manual erasing, but that sometimes caused some image noise. He does indicate that this function generally worked well for lighter images.

According to Liza, it is also nice that you edit photos afterwards. For example, if you are not satisfied with the position in which you took a photo, you can change it to a portrait position later.

Macro mode works pleasantly and quickly

Although the device can bring subjects up to 5 times closer without loss of quality, Andre would not go further than 2 times. Any further than that and it becomes more difficult to keep the camera steady unless you use a tripod. Do you not use the zoom function to get close to your subject, but do you physically bring the device closer? Then the Pixel 8 Pro detects that you want to take a macro photo.

An icon will then appear. Do you press that? Then the camera switches to macro mode. Sometimes the phone seems to hesitate and the icon flashes, according to Liza. Andre found the position pleasant and quick to work with. Liza also found the macro mode useful.

Photo by Liza – Macro mode

Liza wanted to read a small number on a chip that was impossible to read with the naked eye, but with the macro mode the numbers still appeared. Liza did note that the phone should be kept very quiet. Even a small movement results in a blurry photo.

The perfect group photo with Best Take

Google is happy to help you take group photos. Everyone always thinks a different photo is the best. With Best Take you select the best faces from multiple photos to create the perfect group photo. All three think that works shockingly well.

“Sometimes everyone looks so different in the photo that the change is very significant. Even then, the result is worth saving. ” said Andre. Yet Liza also finds the function scary, precisely because it works so well. This means that a photo can be completely manipulated. Andre notes that the recommended photo often loses some of its sharpness.

Remove background noise with Audio Magic Eraser

Then another useful AI feature of the Google Pixel 8 Pro: the Audio Magic Eraser. This removes background noise from videos or audio recordings. If you do this manually, you completely erase sounds such as music or noise, according to Andre. If you use the automatic option, the background noise will only be less loud.

Liza has tested the function in various conditions and indicates that it works, although in not very loud environments. Consider, for example, the sound of the wind. In that case, the remaining sounds will continue to be heard clearly.

With a loud piledriver, the racket became a vague background noise, but she couldn’t get rid of it completely. Sometimes other sounds (which were not intended) also became quieter. Andre found it useful that the original is always preserved, so that you can experiment.

Conclusion and this stood out even more

Photo by Andre

Liza’s first impression of the Pixel 8 Pro was: “Fantastic! Even more beautiful than in the photos.” According to her, the matte color with shiny details gives the phone a luxurious look and Andre agrees. He says he likes the design of the camera bar.

However, George does not like the handling and Andre and Liza also find the device too smooth and large. The Pixel 8 Pro measures a large 6.7 inches, although this corresponds to the iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max. According to Liza, the battery lasted one day with normal use and that was enough for Andre.

It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge the Pixel again. Liza compares the battery life with her current iPhone 14 Pro and comes to the conclusion that it is slightly shorter than her iPhone. Charging every day is fine in her opinion, but she wonders what this does for the battery in the long term. In the beginning, she only had to charge her iPhone 14 Pro once every 2 days.

We have saved the most important question for our test panel for last: will they switch to the Google Pixel 8 Pro? Liza missed her iPhone again after a few days (except for the camera). Still, she thinks it’s mainly about getting used to things after 10 years as an iOS user. Andre replied that he also had to get used to it, but that went quickly. He concluded his review with the conclusion that he thinks the Google Pixel 8 Pro is a beautiful and pleasant device.

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