Heritage Customs supplies Land Rover Defender with… rust

Those who, for some reason, cannot wait for their new Land Rover Defender to start rusting, will be skilfully helped by the Dutch Heritage Customs. The company comes with a very special package of decorations and even allows plastic to rust.

Heritage Customs has been getting a lot of attention lately for what we can irreverently call a tuner. For example, we previously hoisted a new Defender of the company onto the podium, later followed by a copy of the primal type. Nevertheless, we do it again, because with the latest Valiance package, the company of the well-known designer Niels van Roij comes with something very special. Correct: rust.

Plastic rust

Rust is generally rejected and feared by car enthusiasts. However, for those seeking a retro-ish look – and Heritage Customs customers presumably often do – rust can also serve a noble purpose, albeit of a non-harmful kind. Heritage Customs provides this by allowing the plastic trim of the new Defender, namely the grilles in the front fenders and the ‘diamond plate’ next to the hood, to ‘rust’. In their own words, ‘Heritage’ sprays the panels with a metal and then leaves it to rust. The result: real rust, but without the associated rot.


The style elements are part of a package that is wholeheartedly called ‘Valiance – a rusty Rough’. That costs € 12,475 and provides your Defender with not only rust but also a completely brown leather interior, carbon interior trim and gigantic 22-inch wheels. Five pieces, because of course the copy on the tailgate is also included.

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