HomePod with screen: release is even longer

The current HomePod has a touch screen at the top, but that is reportedly going to change. Still, the release of a HomePod with a screen is still a bit longer.

HomePod with screen: release will take a little longer

Are you also looking forward to a HomePod with a screen? Then you still have to be patient. The new HomePod with a screen will not arrive until 2024 at the earliest. That is what usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman says in his most recent newsletter.

HomePod with screen

He also says that delaying the release will allow Apple to focus on other projects, such as the VR/AR headset, first.

The HomePod 2024 will therefore be a kind of combination of a speaker and an iPad, which is mainly intended for use at home. According to rumors, this Homepod will have a 7-inch screen. It is therefore slightly smaller than the 8-inch screen of the current iPad mini.

The launch of the second-generation HomePod came just five years after the release of the first HomePod. The new generation will therefore take less time to arrive. However, it won’t happen again this year. Ming-Chi Kuo also said earlier that the release of the HomePod with a screen will not be until next year.

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