HomeScan: Handy app detects poorly responding HomeKit devices

HomeKit makes simple home devices smarter, but for that there must be a good connection to the internet. With the new HomeScan app, you can easily track HomeKit connection problems.

HomeScan makes signal strength visible

From smart lights to door locks and roller blinds: slowly but surely we are encountering Apple’s HomeKit platform more and more in and around the house. Very handy of course, because it allows you to centrally operate all those equipment from your iPhone or iPad.

However, if a bulb or thermostat is not working properly, it can be difficult to identify the source of the problem. In many cases connection problems are the culprit, although this has been difficult to diagnose until today. HomeScan for HomeKit is therefore just right.

HomeScan for HomeKit

This simple app has a clear goal: to help you get all your HomeKit equipment working properly again. As soon as you start the app, a list with all your bluetooth HomeKit devices will appear. All your bluetooth devices are listed in this list. If a HomeKit device is not recognized, you can still add it manually by looking it up in the Bluetooth list.

Once your list is complete, you can take a walk around the house with the app active on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. As you get closer to your HomeKit stuff, you will see a number rise and fall on your screen. This number starts at zero and then shows the signal strength when you walk from your HomeKit hub (such as an Apple TV or HomePod) to an accessory. For convenience, HomeScan can also read the number, so you can walk undisturbed through your house looking for the best spots.

This way you can read HomeScan

The closer your device gets to 0, the better. As a rule you can say that a number between 0 and -60 is a good signal, between -61 and -70 medium and between -71 and -90 bad. If an accessory reaches a number lower than -90, it is guaranteed to run into connection problems.

If you find out that a device has poor range, you can also use the app to find a location with a better signal. For one euro, HomeScan is recommended for anyone with multiple HomeKit products at home. Thanks to the simple design, you are aware of potential problems in a few minutes, which probably results in a smart home that listens to you just a little better.

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