Honda Civic Type-R Prototype Ready For Debut

Honda Civic Type-R

The lead up to the unveiling of the new Honda Civic Type-R is a long one. Honda eased the waiting pain for the fan of hot hatchbacks by parking the Civic Type-R Prototype on a show floor in January.

In the middle of this year, Honda presented the version of the new Civic intended for the European and therefore also Dutch market to the world. Since the unveiling of the eleventh generation, enthusiasts of hot hatches eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Civic Type-R. Honda has already shown the new Civic Type-R in a camouflage suit, but it is not yet time for a unveiling. We will soon get to see more of the new Japanese powerhouse.

Honda reports that it will draw the curtain of Civic Type-R Prototype during the Tokyo Auto Salon, which opens its gates on January 7. The name of that show car already indicates that it is not a production version. Still, it could get interesting. The previous generation Honda Civic Type-R was also preceded by an almost production-ready study model and the sedan version of the new regular Civic was preceded by the Civic Prototype, which resembles the final version like two drops of water. It could just be that such a concrete harbinger will be shown in the Japanese capital just after the first week of the new year.

Honda is also parking a specially decorated version of the HR-V in Japan called ‘Vezel’ at the car fair, which is mainly aimed at aftermarket decoration, and Honda is also presenting a sporty preview of the all-new Step WGN, a large MPV, to the Japanese public. for. Honda is already releasing a few images of the new regular versions of the Step WGN that will be shown later. The current-generation Step WGN was presented in 2015 and went under the knife in 2017.

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