Honda HR-V e:HEV is the most efficient

Outperforms competitor powertrains in field testing

Honda HR-V Hybrid

Honda HR-V Hybrid

Honda’s proven e:HEV hybrid system has proven more efficient and usable than other hybrid powertrains, according to Honda’s latest internal field testing. e:HEV is the most practical everyday solution for most driver needs, with no need for a plug, no range anxiety and ultra-low emissions driving.

The e:HEV system, which formed the basis for Honda’s Electric Vision, is now standard on the HR-V, CR-V, Jazz and upcoming all-new Civic models. The e:HEV system is built around a highly efficient petrol engine and twin electric motors.

Test data shows that on a 116 km route, the e:HEV powertrain offered the best elements of other hybrid system types, but with a higher level of efficiency in the field. Because the HR-V does not need to be charged, it is suitable for every driving situation.

What sets the e:HEV system apart is the way it seamlessly switches between the three driving modes to ensure optimum performance in all driving scenarios – something mild hybrid systems cannot do.

During testing, the e:HEV system was also found to deliver efficiencies comparable to a competing manufacturer’s PHEV. While plug-in hybrid owners are required to keep their vehicle’s battery charged to achieve maximum efficiency, Honda’s self-charging e:HEV system operates at its most efficient level at all times, without having to be charged via a Wall outlet.

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