How do I write that word?

How do I write that word?

If you are in doubt about the correct spelling of a word, you can quickly look it up in the online Green Book.

The Green Book is officially called the Dutch Language Glossary. It is a thick book with a green cover containing the spelling rules and all existing Dutch words. At least, completely new words only appear after a while, but all common words can be found in it.

Searching on the internet is often faster than browsing a dictionary. That’s why the site so handy to find the correct spelling. There is a search bar in the center of the site. Enter the word you want to search for. Suggestions appear at just a few letters. These can be clicked on, if the searched word is listed.

The meaning of the word is not given. You will, however, find the spelling and any conjugations of the word. Is the word not on the site? Then it may be spelled differently or it may be a word that someone came up with themselves.

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