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Do you regularly hear background noise during video meetings and audio calls? With Krisp you only listen to voices. According to the makers, everything else filters out resolutely. We’re curious to see if this Windows and macOS program delivers on this promise.

Children playing, wind noise, roaring vehicles or a noisy open-plan office. Everyone sometimes ends up in a chaotic situation where a video or telephone conversation is difficult. Crisp comes in handy then. You install this program on a laptop or computer without obligation, after which you can have a smooth conversation via Skype, Zoom, Teams or Slack.

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Free or subscription?

Krisp applies noise reduction to two components of the system, namely the microphone and speaker(s). An advantage, because both you and your conversation partners are not bothered by background noise. There is, however, a small snag in the grass. For free Krisp subscribers, ‘only’ one hour of noise cancellation is available daily. Do you often have longer meetings? Unlimited access costs eight dollars a month (approx. 8 euros).

Set Crisp

You can download the program for free from Create via Get Krisp for Free first an account, where you can also log in with the help of a Google account. A download page will then appear. The .exe file for Windows is a decent size at almost 300 MB.

Once you have completed the installation, a compact login screen will appear at the bottom right. Log in to access Krisp’s settings. Logging in is done via the browser. It is important that a correct output device (speakers) and input device (input device) are set in Krisp. This can usually be done directly from the Krisp settings. If that doesn’t work, you can also dive into the sound settings of Windows or macOS.

To activate the microphone, you must read an English text aloud. This way the software can get used to your voice and better filter out people talking in the background. Through Test Noise Cancellation / Start Recording you can test the operation of this tool if you wish. Compare the recording with and without Krisp filter. The difference is obvious!


Skype without noise

In the overview screen, click on the intended video calling service. A short video will appear with instructions on how to activate Krisp in the respective app. In Skype, for example, this is quite simple. In the Windows app, click on the three dots at the top and choose Settings. Through Audio and video select behind the parts Microphone and Speakers the option Krisp Audio.

You decide when to switch on noise suppression. To do this, click on the Krisp icon in the taskbar. Then put the switches behind Cancel Noise and Room Echo and Cancel Noise at. From now on you will benefit from crystal clear Skype conversations!

The better microphones also have built-in noise suppression on board. They only pick up your voice and filter out background noise. Buy your new microphone here at


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