How to use, add and edit complication widget for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been equipped with a widget system since watchOS 10. The interactive widgets with information are a central part of the interface and can be displayed by turning the Digital Crown.

This is a smart stack of widgets that appear at the right time and are automatically adjusted to the context. In addition, you have a handy widget where you can place shortcuts to apps. Handy if you choose a watch face where you prefer not to place complications.

Compilation widget for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch includes a special complication widget. This allows you to add three complications from apps to the widget overview. This gives you quick access to these apps from a single view.

  • Show the smart stack by turning the Digital Crown
  • Place your finger on a widget to activate editing mode
  • Scroll down to the compilation widget
  • Tap the plus button in the widget to add new complications
  • You can remove a complication via the red button
Edit complication widget on Apple Watch

Using the yellow pin button, you can pin the widget to the top while editing the stack. The pinned widgets will then always be shown first, followed by the suggestions from the stack, so you can quickly access them.

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