How to use the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro?

We explain how to use the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro © Pierre Crochart for Clubic

We explain how to use the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro © Pierre Crochart for Clubic

The latest iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max introduce a new button, the Action button. The latter allows you to access different shortcuts with a simple press in order to save precious seconds. Here we explain to you what features are accessible from the Action button, but also how to configure them.


What is the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro for?

The Action button is not new to the Apple ecosystem. In 2022, it was the Apple Watch Ultra which inaugurated this new touch. On the connected watch, the Action button is a way to access a functionality immediately, without going through the targeted application and its various menus. It is thus possible to start tracking your favorite sports exercise, or start the compass, among other examples.

For its iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple is using the same concept with a new Action button, which replaces the traditional switch to mute the iPhone’s sound. This button is customizable, via the iOS 17 settings. Apple today offers a few options to add the ideal shortcut for your use to the Action button, and enriches its list as updates become available to users. users.

How to configure the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro?

To customize the behavior of the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro, simply go to the iPhone Settings application. In the menu list, a new line “Action Button” is available and opens a very elegant menu to choose the option to add to this key.

© Pierre Crochart for Clubic

© Pierre Crochart for Clubic

What are the features of the iPhone 15 Pro Action button?

1. Mute iPhone Sound

If the iPhone 15 Pro has lost its small switch which was used to activate silent mode, the Action button can replace it. This is also the default behavior of your new smartphone when you first start it. Small novelty compared to previous iPhones: you will have to press and hold the button to activate or deactivate it. Apple has in fact favored a long press to avoid activations by mistake, for example when you quickly take your phone out of your pocket.

2. Activate a concentration mode

Do you want to switch to “Do not disturb” with a simple gesture to mute all notifications from your iPhone? The Action button is there to help you. You can configure the key to activate the concentration mode of your choice, and thus filter the alerts received on your phone.

3. Access the camera

This was one of the big shortcomings of the iPhone compared to many of its competitors. If Apple’s smartphone improves year after year on the subject of photography, the manufacturer has always refused to dedicate a button to this important functionality. The Action button provides a response to users. Clicking on the Action button allows you to open the Camera application to take a photo or video even more quickly. However, it is not possible to choose a third-party photography application.

4. Activate the flashlight

If iOS 17 offers a shortcut on the home screen to activate the flashlight, the Action button will allow you to turn on the flash on the iPhone’s photo sensor with a simple gesture. This can be handy if you need it frequently during a day.

5. Record a voice memo

If you are an intensive user of the iPhone’s Dictaphone application, this shortcut is for you. Press the Action button and voice memo recording will start automatically. The button does not return to the application, but opens the Dynamic Island (the notch that surrounds the Face ID camera and the FaceTime camera) to show you when the audio recording starts, and the duration of your message. At the end of the message, it will be automatically recorded in the Dictaphone application.

6. Translate a sentence or discussion

With iOS 17.2, Apple added a new feature to the Action button with the presence of a shortcut to the Translate application. When you press the button, the Dynamic Island opens to show you a reduced interface. You will see the result of the translation in this window, without even having to open the software. Ideal for responding to a correspondent in a foreign language.

7. Enable Magnifier

Magnifying Glass is a somewhat forgotten iOS application which can nevertheless be of great service. The software allows you to use the camera to take a closer look at an element or an inscription, but also to apply color filters or increase the brightness of the image in order to better decipher certain elements.

The Action button can thus be used to automatically open the application, which contributes to Apple’s accessibility efforts.

8. Get a Specific Accessibility Setting

People with disabilities have many features to use their iPhone more comfortably. The Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro allows you to assign a specific accessibility option to make it easier to read text or navigate menus. Several options are presented in the settings menu.

9. Assign a shortcut

It was with iOS 12 that Apple introduced a new application called Shortcuts. This software allows you to create sequences of actions, automatically generated according to the date and time, a specific condition, or on demand by pressing an icon or via a voice command with Siri.

The Action button can now allow you to activate the shortcut of your choice, for example to turn on all the lights in the house when you get home, or to start the right playlist when you go for a walk.

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