“I am ready”: Nurses beg us to stay at home

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The corona virus is now spreading rapidly in Germany. In order to slow this development down, we urgently need to stay at home. Above all, overworked doctors and nurses who report on social media have this request.

The number of corona infected people in Germany has risen sharply again: Johns Hopkins University in the US city of Baltimore reported more than 9,200 infected people on Tuesday evening. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) spoke of more than 7,100 infected people. (Johns Hopkins University always reports higher numbers than the RKI, reports the tagesschau.de).

Doctor reports the worst service in her life

One thing is certain: the number of infected people is growing – and rapidly. Hospitals and nursing staff are busy. How strong is currently shown by doctors and nurses on social media.

On Instagram, for example, a doctor reported three days ago about the “worst service” in her life. According to her own information, she works as a gynecologist in Hamburg and Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia. On your account Doctor Ela she says, “I’m ready.[…|14hoursofpanickedpeopleyellingatmefornottestingthemonCovid”[…|14StundenpanischeMenschendiemichanschreienweilichsienichtaufCovidteste“

“We want to slow down the rapid expansion”

She reports that people blame her for wearing protective gear – and at the same time explain that you don’t have to be afraid of the new virus. She replies to such allegations on Instagram. “We close borders, public institutions and schools not because Covid is a deadly plague, but because we want to slow down the rapidity of the spread.”

You want to avoid having too many patients in the hospital that you can’t take care of at the same time. “I wear protective equipment so that I can take care of sick people in 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks and not be in quarantine myself.” She appeals to the public to remain calm and to take care of old and sick people. “Stay at home for the sake of them.”

“Don’t just think of yourself”

Nursing nurse Ricardo Lange also writes on Facebook: “Everyone can help slow this pandemic. We won’t stop them. But slowing down is worth a lot, so hospitals can take care of the sick without being overwhelmed. “And appeals:” Please think of your fellow human beings. [… ] Don’t just think of yourself. ”

“We’ll stay there for you!”

On Twitter, pictures are also circulating, on which nursing staff but also the fire brigade, i.e. people of the so-called system-critical professions, hold up signs with the message “We will stay there for you !!! Please stay at home for us ”.

Nursing staff must be relieved

The fact that the nursing area is currently overloaded can also be seen from justifiably critical comments on the Internet. Many criticize the hashtag #coronaferien, which is currently circulating on Twitter. A user writes: “The hashtag #Coronaferien makes me totally aggressive. Now is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for the nursing staff. “

A doctor reports how challenging it is to have to go to work and to put the children in emergency care. “The situation in the clinic is getting worse, as is the situation at home,” she writes.

Utopia thinks: It is important that we stay at home: To slow down the spread of the virus, to protect old and sick people, to relieve doctors, nursing staff, sales staff, educators, fire service employees, police officers. In this sense: listen to these people, stay at home and stay healthy.

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