iOS 16.2 coming in December (and these are the best new features)

You don’t have to wait long for the latest update for your iPhone. iOS 16.2 is coming in December and these are (the best) new features!

iOS 16.2 coming in December (with these features)

Usually reliable Mark Gurman said in his most recent newsletter that iOS 16.2 will be released as early as December. The latest update for the iPhone has some cool new features. We have listed the best features for you.

1. Freeform app

There will be a new app in iOS 16.2 called Freeform. You can see this app as a kind of digital whiteboard. You can draw on it to your heart’s content, post sticky notes, show photos and videos, share PDFs and much more. The app will also be available on iPad and Mac. Also nice: you can work together in the app via FaceTime or iMessage.

Apple Freeform iOS 16.2

2. New lock screen widgets

There are new widgets for the lock screen of your iPhone: Sleep (English: Sleep) and Medications (English: Medications). With the Sleep app you can view the data of your sleeping habits. The Medication widget lets you know when it’s time to take your medication.

3. Customize the always-on screen

In iOS 16.2 you now have the option to choose what is visible on your screen when you use the always-on function. In iOS 16.1, you always see the time, your notifications, the lock screen widgets and the background on the always-on screen.

In iOS 16.2 this will change and you can then choose what is visible on the always-on screen. With the update it becomes possible, among other things, to switch off the background. Deactivating notifications is also an option.

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always on screen iPhone

More new features in iOS 16.2

These aren’t all the new features of iOS 16.2, of course. For example, live activities get an update and you get live updates from more apps. The Home app is also being tinkered with under the hood and the iPhone is getting support for 5G in India.

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