iOS 16.3 will (finally!) solve two major iPhone problems

The new iOS update fixes two major issues for iPhone. Do you also suffer from it? You must know this!

iPhone 14: Display issues

Over the past few weeks, many iPhone 14 owners have been complaining about issues with their display. iPhone 14 users had to deal with horizontal stripes. These horizontal stripes on the iPhone 14 do not occur during normal use, but often when the screen is taken out of standby.

iOS 16 problem iPhone

Mainly people with an iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are complaining about the problem. Due to the image defect, yellow or green stripes (temporarily) appear on the screen. The number and position of the stripes throughout the image differs. The positive: when the iPhone is used, the lines disappear again by themselves. iOS 16.3 finally comes with a fix for this software problem.

Home app stopped working after update

Another big problem for Apple: the Home app stopped working properly after the last update. The app received a major update a while ago, which should greatly improve the reliability and performance of the app. The opposite turned out to be true: a large number of smart home devices did not work properly with the new version.

Smart Locks Apple HomeKit

After a storm of criticism, Apple has decided to take the update offline. The big problem with the new architecture of the Home app is that it doesn’t work with smart home devices that haven’t been updated yet. So have you installed the update, but not all your devices are running on the latest software? Then you can (temporarily) no longer operate that device.

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With iOS 16.3 on your iPhone, the update for the Home app can be installed again. Apple has therefore solved the problem, so that the Home app does work again with older smart home devices with the new update. Very nice, because after the new update you can operate all your devices again.

This is when iOS 16.3 appears on your iPhone

The big question: When will iOS 16.3 arrive on your iPhone? We expect him in February. Should the update be released later, there is a good chance that Apple will solve the problems with the iPhone 14 and the Home app in a smaller iOS 16.2.1 update. It could be coming soon – with the new Apple products possibly announced as early as today.

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