iOS 17.1 beta 3: the stable version is almost here

Beta 3 of iOS 17.1 is out, exactly one week after the previous version. We’re slowly getting closer to the official release, so it’s a good time to take a look at all the new features.

iOS 17.1: the stable version

The first .1 release of an iOS version is usually the time when most people update to the latest version. Of course, you already have iOS 17 on your iPhone, but the automatic update (so that people see a red dot in ‘Settings’ for iOS 17) usually only takes effect with iOS 17.1.

That’s why this .1 version of an iOS release is often considered the ‘stable’ version. The version that is safe for everyone to install, in other words. But in addition to all the stability improvements, there are of course some new features. We’re starting with changes since beta 2.

Changes between beta 2 and 3 of iOS 17.1

In Apple Music you can now choose favorite songs, albums and artists. Those favorites will be included in a new automatically generated playlist that provides easy access to popular music. You can now also upload custom album art to playlists without leaving the app.

AirDrop supports file transfers over the Internet in iOS 17.1 when devices are out of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range. This enables seamless sharing regardless of location.

In addition, the Standby night clock mode has more extensive settings. For example, there is now an option that the display must remain on and not go to sleep. Unfortunately, this still only applies to iPhones with an always-on screen.

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iOS 17 standby function

This will come later

By the way, we are still waiting for a lot of other features that are nowhere to be seen in iOS 17.1. For example, we still haven’t seen the new Diary app working. This app makes it possible – how could it be otherwise – to keep a diary, including photos and more. The app may also first be found in the App Store and will only be bundled with iOS at a later date.

We are also still waiting for the possibility to jointly compile playlists in Apple Music. You then invite friends to add songs and adjust the order. Just like in Spotify.

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