iOS 17: Wi-Fi issues – here’s what’s going on

The latest version of iOS has just been released, but several users are experiencing issues with their Wi-Fi in iOS 17. Here’s what’s going on.

iOS 17: Wi-Fi issues

Have you already updated your iPhone to iOS 17? Some users are already regretting it because they are encountering some annoying Wi-Fi issues in iOS 17. The problems they face include: apps that cannot retrieve data and the WiFi connection that is extremely slow.

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Sometimes the problem disappears after a few minutes, but the issue always comes back. The problem is not with the user’s wireless network. Because if WiFi problems arise on the iPhone, a Mac can still surf without any problems on the same WiFi network.

Also on it Apple forum there are posts from users who encounter WiFi problems. At the time of writing, there are already more than 400 other readers on one post who are also experiencing this problem. So it seems that the WiFi problems in iOS 17 are part of a larger issue.

iOS 17

The solution that helps many users (temporarily) is to temporarily disconnect and reconnect the WiFi connection on the problem device. But one thing is certain: all users are currently still waiting for a fix from Apple.

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More new features in iOS 17

Although some users encounter problems with their WiFi in iOS 17, the update to iOS 17 is full of cool features. For example, the Phone, FaceTime and Messages apps have been significantly updated. The Standby function is also fun to try out. Furthermore, AirDrop has a new function with NameDrop, Safari is getting a major update and the Health app has new functions.

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