iOS 18 will have many new AI features: this is already known

With iOS 18, many new AI features are reportedly coming to your iPhone. This is what we already know about the new features of the biggest iPhone update ever!

iOS 18 is coming

According to rumors, iOS 18 will be a huge update for your iPhone. That’s not surprising, because Apple plans to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence. AI broke through to the general public in 2023, but those developments came too late for Apple’s iOS 17. That is why we only see many new AI functions in this year’s major update: iOS 18.

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After the success of ChatGPT, Apple started building its own language models, which should ensure that Siri, for example, becomes much better. The first hints of Apple’s own AI have already surfaced in iOS 17.4. It is therefore expected that Apple has already started testing various AI functions in iOS 18. We have listed new features for you!

iOS 18 Siri

These AI features are coming to the iPhone

Due to all the expected AI functions, iOS 18 will be a huge update, even the largest iPhone update ever, according to the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman. We will probably mainly see the implementation of artificial intelligence in Apple’s own apps, such as iMessage and Photos. Previous rumors so far have predicted the following features coming to iOS 18:

  • Siri is getting much better with new language models;
  • Automatically generate playlists in Apple Music with AI;
  • Integrating AI into Pages, Keynote, Numbers to create lists and content;
  • With AI, code blocks are completed and applications are tested in Xcode;
  • Search in Spotlight becomes much better with AI;
  • AI health coach in the Health app and on the Apple Watch;
  • iMessage automatically completes messages, asks questions, and lists new messages using AI.

In addition, Apple’s Photo Library will receive useful AI functions in iOS 18. It will then become possible to edit photos using artificial intelligence. You no longer have to make any adjustments to an image yourself, but simply enter a command under Photos. The edits are then automatically implemented by AI, making adjusting photos much easier and faster.

photos apple

Apple is working on a new interface

The new AI functions make performing certain tasks much easier in iOS 18. It is expected that Apple will also adjust the iOS interface, especially now that it is said to be the largest update for the iPhone ever. There is therefore a good chance that the design of iOS 18 will also be overhauled. Previous rumors already predicted that we will see many elements of visionOS on the iPhone.

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Apple will present iOS 18 in a few months at the annual WWDC. That is traditionally the moment when Apple announces new software updates for various devices. iOS 18 will not be available to everyone until September, when the iPhone 16 will also be released. So just be patient, because in June we will finally know which AI functions are coming to iOS 18. Read more about the biggest iPhone update ever here!

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