iPhone 13 vs Nothing Phone (1): the main differences

The Nothing Phone (1) and the iPhone 13 are two much-discussed devices, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. In this iPhone 13 vs Nothing Phone (1) article you will find the biggest differences between the two popular smartphones.

These are the biggest differences between the iPhone 13 and the Nothing Phone (1)

The relatively young brand Nothing recently announced its first smartphone: the Nothing Phone (1)† There was an unprecedented amount of hype surrounding the announcement, so the bar is set high. To what extent does the device compete with the iPhone 13, one of the most popular phones at the moment? In this Nothing Phone (1) vs iPhone 13 article we list the biggest differences.

1. iOS and Android: a world of difference

By far the biggest difference between the iPhone 13 and the Nothing Phone (1) is the operating system with which the devices work. The iPhone 13 runs on Apple’s iOS 15 – from September users can download iOS 16 – where the Nothing Phone (1) runs on Google’s Android 12 running. Of course there are similarities between the two systems, but the user experience is quite different.

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iOS is a lot more ‘closed’ than Android. That means you can’t adjust that much. Android gives users the ability to customize everything from fonts to color themes. This is also possible in the lock screen of iOS 16, but we still have to be patient for a few months.

iOS 16 features
The new lock screen in iOS 16

However, the different operating systems also ensure that the devices belong in a different ecosystem. For example, you cannot use an Apple Watch in combination with the Nothing Phone (1). AirPods also work less smoothly and functions such as AirDrop and Wi-Fi password sharing do not work with each other. Also, many apps available for the iPhone are not downloadable with an Android phone and vice versa.

2. Speed: iPhone 13 Blows Nothing Phone (1) Over

The iPhone 13 runs on the A15 chip, one of the fastest mobile processors at the moment. However, the Nothing Phone (1) has been marketed as a mid-range device, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Plus chip under the hood. With this chip you can use the internet, TikTokken and a little gaming – but it is certainly not a speed monster either. The iPhone 13 is really a lot more powerful.

One point on which the Nothing Phone (1) does beat the iPhone 13 in terms of specifications is the screen. The Phone (1) has a 120Hz screen, so animations look much smoother than on the 60Hz screen of the iPhone 13.

3. Design: Nothing deserves originality award

The iPhone 13 and the Nothing Phone (1) are essentially quite similar. Both devices have a flat aluminum side, with similar buttons and antenna straps. The glass back of the devices is glossy – but with the Nothing Phone (1) the material is partially transparent. This allows you to see a number of internal parts of the phone.

Nothing Phone (1)

Also, the Nothing Phone (1) has the ‘Glyph interface’. This is a fancy name for 900 white LED lights on the back, incorporated in a number of strips. You can set this, for example, with certain ringtones or contacts, or use it as a camera light while shooting. You can also easily check the charging status with the light strips when the device is connected to the charger. It is a striking feature that no other smartphone offers at the moment.

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4. Cameras shoot similar pictures

Many people find the cameras of a smartphone extremely important. That’s not surprising, because capturing beautiful moments – and then sharing them with the world – is of course a lot of fun. The iPhone 13 is known for its great cameras. The device is regularly praised in the field of photo and video.

Apple iPhone 13

It’s too early to say how the cameras of the Nothing Phone (1) perform; We haven’t tested the device long enough for that. Given the midrange specifications of the Phone (1), however, you can assume that the iPhone cameras are a bit better. With both the iPhone 13 and the Nothing Phone (1) we find two cameras on the back. These are a regular lens and an ultra wide angle lens.

5. Price and availability

The Nothing Phone (1) costs with ‘only’ 469 euros a lot less than the iPhone 13, which comes directly through Apple from 909 euros is for sale. Both devices have 128GB of storage space. In some places, the iPhone 13 already costs less than the price that Apple itself asks – but the Nothing Phone (1) remains a lot cheaper.

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