iPhone 15 cables can charge faster – but not all

This year the first iPhones will come with a USB-C connection, but not all iPhone 15 cables can charge faster. How is this exactly?

iPhone 15 finally gets USB-C connection

The new iPhone 15 models that will be released this year will all be equipped with a USB-C port. This is the result of new European legislation, which states that all new electronic devices must have a USB-C connection from November 2024. This should reduce electronic waste in the future.

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Due to this new law, Apple will probably choose to provide the iPhone 15 with a USB-C port this year. So the Lightning era is coming to an end. Photos of the iPhone 15 were leaked earlier, which clearly show that the iPhone 15 series will indeed have a USB-C output. However, not all cables work optimally with the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Pro Leaked

Apple must officially approve chargers

The iPhone 14 (Plus) has a maximum charging speed of 20W, but the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has a maximum charging speed of 27W. The entire iPhone 15 series gets the fastest charging speed at 27W, including the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus. However, not all cables work with this optimal charging speed. This is rumored to be because 27W can only be achieved with Apple-approved charging cables.

The usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now also reports that not all iPhone 15 cables can charge quickly, confirming previous rumors. Apple is rumored to be MFi certified (Made for iPhone) requirements for accessories and chargers that you connect to the iPhone 15. Official headphones and cables from Apple are even already in production at Foxconn.

In practice, this means that an iPhone 15 only charges optimally with a cable that has such an MFi certification. A cable from another provider without certification will work with your iPhone 15, but charging will simply take a little longer.

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Buy the charging cable yourself with the iPhone 15

A few years ago, Apple decided to stop supplying chargers with new iPhones in order to make selling the phones less harmful to the environment. Are you planning to buy the iPhone 15? Then it is more important than ever to buy a new charging cable, because the Lightning adapter of course no longer works with the new iPhone.

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It is also not certain that Apple will supply a USB-C cable with the iPhone 15, so it may be necessary to buy a charging cable yourself with your new iPhone. The cheapest Lightning to USB cable from Apple is currently 25 euros. The new USB-C cable from Apple will then be about the same price.

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