iPhone 15 Ultra will get periscope lens – iPhone 16 Pro will follow in 2024

Do you often zoom in with your camera? Then there is good news: the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a periscope lens. The iPhone 16 Pro is said to follow in 2024.

iPhone 15 Ultra gets periscope lens

Every year, Apple renews the iPhone camera. This year is no different: the iPhone 15 Ultra (this year’s Pro Max) is reportedly getting a new periscope lens. Such a lens is mainly intended to zoom in much further than is currently possible with the iPhone 14 Pro, for example.

With this technique, in which the camera is placed in width (and not in depth as it is now) in an iPhone, the Apple phone can zoom in much further. It also ensures that this latest iPhone can capture a (more) natural depth of field. How does the new camera technology work in the iPhone 15 Ultra?

iPhone 15 Ultra

This is how the periscope lens works in the iPhone 15 Ultra

To zoom in far, lenses must have a certain size and depth. Smartphones are simply too thin and small for this nowadays. Apple mitigated this problem by making the cameras slightly thicker than the iPhone itself, causing the cameras to protrude. Even with these thicker lenses, Apple remains limited when it comes to zooming in with the camera.

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Fortunately, a solution has now been devised for the zoom limitation: a periscope lens. Light enters such a lens and is reflected at an angle of 90 degrees by the mirror. Finally it reaches the camera sensor, after which you can take a picture. Because the periscope lens is horizontal in the iPhone, the depth of the device is no longer a limitation. For example, larger zoom lenses can be built in.

iPhone 15 Ultra with periscope lens: what can you do with it?

A periscope lens is intended to zoom in much further than a normal camera. For example, submarines also use periscope lenses (it is also more about being able to see ‘around the corner’ above water underwater). With the periscope lens in your iPhone, you are expected to be able to zoom in 10x. For comparison: with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) you can zoom in 3x. A periscope lens therefore represents a significant improvement.

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In addition, with a periscope lens, the perspective of an image changes as you zoom in further. Everything seems to be closer together and proportions are changing. There is little to no lens distortion, eliminating the ‘convex’ effect that regular phone lenses are known for. Periscope lenses are therefore very suitable for taking pictures of buildings, streets or works of art.

iPhone periscope

iPhone 16 Pro (Max) follows with periscope lens

The periscope lens will only be added this year to the iPhone 15 Ultra, the most expensive version of the iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have a ‘normal’ camera, which we already know from the iPhone 14 Pro. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 16 Pro will get the periscope lens. So Apple plans to bring the camera to more devices.

The iPhone 15 Ultra (or will it be the 15 Pro Max) will only be released in September this year, so we will have to wait a while for the new camera. Are you curious about the iPhone 15 Ultra? Rather, we put all the rumors together for you!

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