iPhone 16 gets more advanced Wi-Fi 7 – but what good is it?

The iPhone 16 will reportedly get the new and more advanced WiFi 7 next year. This will make the internet much faster, but what will you notice later?

iPhone 16 gets Wi-Fi 7

It will be a while before the iPhone 15 appears, but there is already a lot of speculation about next year’s iPhone. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 16 will receive support for WiFi 7. This will be the new WiFi standard in the future and mainly ensures much faster internet. For example, WiFi 7 is four times faster than WiFi 6(E) and six times faster than WiFi 5.

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Moreover, with WiFi 7 it is possible to transfer data via multiple frequencies at the same time. For example, the new standard switches between 5 GHz and 6 GHz, depending on which frequency has the fastest speed. The advantage of this is that you can connect more devices to your wireless network without the speed deteriorating. However, there is a good chance that you will not notice much of the faster WiFi 7.


Old routers do not support Wifi 7

Of course, it sounds like a big advantage that the iPhone 16 will soon support WiFi 7, but that does not mean that you will immediately have faster internet with the iPhone 16. The router that broadcasts the WiFi signal must also support the new internet standard. Most routers currently support a maximum of WiFi 6E. For the faster WiFi 7 you will soon have to purchase a new router.

It will take a while before Wi-Fi 7 is the usual standard. At the moment, Wifi 6E is still emerging, even the iPhone 14 does not work with Wifi 6E. The iPhone 15 is expected to be the first iPhone to support the new Wi-Fi 6E standard this year. It is not yet clear whether the new standard will come to all iPhone 15 models, or whether it will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro.

delete old wifi on iPhone

Already faster internet? Check out these tips

With the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16, it will soon be possible to use the internet a lot faster. The phones are not yet out (by a long way), so it will take a while before a faster WiFi standard comes to your iPhone. Do you want to be able to use faster internet now? Then try these four tips to make the internet and WiFi less slow on your iPhone!

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