iPhone 16 Pro gets new color (and loses one)

The iPhone 16 Pro will get a new color, but will also lose one of the current titanium colors. This will be the new color!

iPhone 16 Pro gets new color (and loses one)

Usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has today in a Tweet let us know what his expectations are for the colors of the iPhone 16 (Pro). According to him, the blue titanium color will disappear. But a new color will take its place. The color that will be added is a pink, titanium color.

iphone 16 pro camera

If we list all the colors, the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) will soon have a choice of black, white/silver, pink and a natural titanium version. Are you going for the standard iPhone 16 (Plus)? Then, according to Kuo, you can choose from black, white, green, pink and blue.

These predictions match previous rumors about the colors of the iPhone 16 (Pro). But there was talk of a possible purple color at the time. However, Kuo didn’t say anything about this color in his posts today.

This is what you can expect from the iPhone 16 (Pro)

The next Phone will probably be released around September (just like in previous years). The design of the iPhone 16 will largely resemble the current iPhone. But Apple will make some changes to the screen size. In addition, the cameras on the back of the iPhone 16 (Plus) will be positioned one below the other, and no longer diagonally as is currently the case with the iPhone 15 (Plus).

iphone 16 pro max larger

One of the new features is the addition of a ‘Capture’ button, which will come in handy when taking videos and photos. The button will likely be touch and pressure sensitive. For example, you can press the button halfway to focus the camera on the subject. And then press the button all the way to take the photo. This most closely resembles the way a traditional camera works.

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