iPhone delivery time increasing? Apple’s display manufacturer has problems

In the meantime, we are used to the chip shortages worldwide, but now it also affects other iPhone parts such as the display. Will iPhone delivery times increase again?

Delivery time iPhone is running out?

Not too long ago, the drama surrounding the delivery time of the iPhone 13 had set in. Six weeks had pretty much become the norm. Now it finally seemed to get better, but Apple’s display manufacturer BOE is throwing a spanner in the works. Due to the persistent chip shortage, the supplier has problems producing the OLED panels for the iPhone 13. that late The Elec know, a site with good contacts in the industry.

According to the sources of the site, the shortages will ensure that fewer displays can be made ‘this and next month’. And that will also affect the overall production of the iPhone 13 (Pro) and iPhone 12 with a few weeks delay.

The cause of the production problems

BOE gets its chips for the display driver ICs from the company LX Semicon, but production there is falling short of its intended purpose. Due to a lack of production capacity, LX Semicon gives priority to LG Display, while BOE is at the back of the queue.

As a result, BOE will reduce its production volume of OLED panels from three million units to two million units next month. Apple has reportedly ordered about 10 million OLED panels from BOE for the first half of 2022, and this is likely to affect production.

Strike now?

Were you planning to get an iPhone 12 or 13? Our advice is to strike quickly so that you can avoid long waiting times. Now these iPhones are still readily available at most stores.

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