Everyone should back up their data on a computer to another storage solution, we can’t say it enough. And John Vanderaart also talks about this in his weekly column on pcactive.nl. Here you will find the column from last time.

I was at the Straatjournaal this week. Here in Haarlem. HCC – as you know – helped the Straatjournaal out of the fire a while ago and promised to provide a helping hand in the future. That is, the promise was made – generously – by PC-Active editor-in-chief Rob Coenraads. But in practice it is always my hands that have to help! Rob may be forgiven, because my employer – a healthcare software house – also does not keep a dry eye on such socially driven initiatives as the Straatjournaal. Anyway, when the three fixed IP addresses were finally claimed, I could really properly integrate the old NAS, the new NAS and the new color printer into the network. The network connections could also be established well; the old network connections disappeared after a major power outage (resulting in new IP addresses)… After which we would briefly discuss the backup strategy. An automatic backup was considered. Well, that has the advantage that it is automatic and that is also the disadvantage: “You never know what will happen. And whether it will happen.” No, in the case of the Street Journal it is better to back up manually. Simply create a conveniently recognizable folder per edition containing an equally easily recognizable workflow; also with the help of folders. “Yes, that’s a good idea!” Manual backup at practical times from the new to the old NAS. But of course continuous automatic backup from the new NAS to the cloud. And for those who are still in Haarlem: “Be social, buy one of those Street News!”

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Visiting the Straathournaal again. Now to backup…