Kia e-Niro considerably cheaper thanks to smaller battery

Kia has updated the e-Niro line-up. It is now also available with a smaller battery of 39.2 kWh, which significantly reduces the starting price. In addition, the e-Niro is now available in more versions.

The Kia e-Niro is a top seller for the brand in the Netherlands. It is even the best-selling electric car of 2020. Previously, it was only available with a battery pack of 64 kWh and a power of 204 hp. This is now about to change, because just like the Kona Electric has long been the case, the Niro also comes with a battery pack of 39.2 kWh and a power of 136 hp. The specified WLTP range of this variant is 289 km. Partly thanks to the smaller battery pack, the e-Niro is a lot cheaper: it is available from € 35,995, where it previously cost at least € 43,970. With this, Kia also dips below the limit of € 40,000 that will apply from next year for the more favorable addition of 12 percent.

In addition to the smaller battery, the e-Niro is available in more versions. The Comfortline is the new entry-level model and comes standard with a multimedia system with an 8-inch touchscreen, digital instruments, 17-inch alloy wheels and adaptive cruise control. A 3-phase 11 kW on-board charger is optionally available, which is standard on the other versions. The introduction of the Comfortline as a cheaper variant means that the e-Niro has also become cheaper with 64 kWh. This is now available from € 38,995, a reduction of € 4,975.

Every little bit helps

You can also order the e-Niro as DynamicLine, DynamicPlusLine and Executiveline, increasing in luxury. As the most luxurious version, the Executiveline is only reserved for the e-Niro with a 64 kWh battery. The DynamicPlusline is the most luxurious version for the e-Niro with 39.2 kWh. This provides to the already shipping Dynamic Line extras like a panoramic roof, privacy glass, LED headlights and heated seats. The e-Niro with 39.2 kWh costs € 37,995 as DynamicLine and € 39,495 as DynamicPlusLine. For the 64 kWh this is € 40,995 and € 42,495 respectively. As an Executiveline it costs € 45,995, which is € 975 cheaper than before. The DynamicLine, which was previously also available on 64 kWh, has dropped in price by no less than € 2,975. Every little bit helps.

The new versions of the Kia e-Niro can be ordered from today and will be at the dealer in mid-January.

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