Land Rover Defender 90 prices known

The new Land Rover Defender can be configured as 110 for quite a while, but now the brand also opens the configurator and order books for the smaller Defender 90.

Last summer Land Rover pulled the curtain off the brand new Defender. After no less than 70 years of further development of the primeval Defender, he completely takes over from the ‘patriarch’. With its retro lines and at the same time modern features, the Defender is ready for the next round. The Defender is there – just like its ancestor – again as 90 and 110.

The 90, which, as stated, is shorter than the 110 and must also do less with two doors, has now received a price tag; the shorter version of the Defender is available from € 96,520. Then you have the D200, with the 200 hp strong 2.0-liter turbo diesel under the hood. Those in the market for a more powerful one can sign for the D240. It has a 2.0 hp 240 bit turbo diesel under the hood and comes from € 100,820. In both cases, the 90 has an eight-speed automatic.

Those who prefer a Defender 90 with a 300 hp 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine can put their signature on the P300 purchase contract. They must raise at least € 98,820. Like every Defender, this one also has an eight-speed automatic. A mild hybrid version with 400 hp, the P400 MHEV, comes from € 105,950. The Defender 90 can be ordered immediately and can be admired on country roads from next summer.

110 and gray license plate

The larger Land Rover Defender 110 can, as I said, already be configured for some time, but now also has a slightly changed starting price. The previously communicated starting price has been adjusted slightly upwards and now amounts to € 102,250. The 110 comes on the market sooner than the 90 and must be delivered this spring. Later in the year, the Commercial versions of both the 90 and the 110 will also be displayed on gray plates, Land Rover says. They come from roughly half the price of the person versions.

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