Leapmotor: affordable EV brand Stellantis in the Netherlands this year

Big plans

Leapmotor C10

Stellantis’ enormous brand base will be expanded in the Netherlands this year with Leapmotor, the down-to-earth and promised affordable EV brand with Chinese roots. The first EVs from Leapmotor will come to the Netherlands in September.

Leapmotor International is the brand new partnership between Stellantis and the Chinese car manufacturer Leapmotor. It has already been determined that Stellantis will offer electric models from Leapmotor in Europe. Now we also know when it is the Netherlands’ turn to receive Leapmotor’s cars.

September is the month in which Leapmotor lands in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, together with France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece and Romania, is one of the first nine countries where Leapmotor’s EVs will be available. Later it also spread its wings to the Middle East, Turkey, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Thauland, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Chile.

Nice and nice, but what does Leapmotor bring us? We also know that: the T03 and the C10. The Leapmotor T03 is an electric city car that will operate in the Dacia Spring segment. It offers an electric range that, at 265 kilometers (WLTP), is greater than that of the smart Dacia. A considerable size larger is the Leapmotor C10. That is also an electric model, but in the form of a medium-sized SUV with seven seats. Stellantis promises an electric range of up to 420 kilometers for that car.

But there is much more in store. In 2025, Leapmotor will also launch an electric SUV that is a size smaller than the C10. That’s possible – and confusingly – the C11. In 2026, Leapmotor will launch an electric hatchback, a compact mid-sized car that appears to be a competitor to cars such as the MG 4 Electric. 2026 is also the year in which Leapmotor will launch an electric B-segment car. An affordable alternative to cars like the Peugeot e-208. In 2027, Leapmotor will add another crossover alternative to its line-up. So big plans.

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