Luminox watches and Bear Grylls: a strong combination

Luminox watches are known to continue to perform under extreme situations. The Swiss brand has already worked with the best military and rescue organizations such as the Navy SEALs and the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). Survival expert Bear Grylls – a former SAS officer – is also familiar with Luminox’s almost indestructible watches. It was therefore almost inevitable that Luminox and Grylls would join forces. A strong combination.

Perform under extreme conditions

Anyone who ever watches the Discovery Channel knows him: Bear Grylls. The fearless survival expert. With a cheerful face, slightly posh accent and sometimes stern, he guides viewers and participants in his program through exciting adventures. Surviving in extreme conditions is his specialty. A collaboration with Luminox was therefore obvious. Because the unique properties of these watches are indispensable in survival situations:

Luminox light technology

Luminox watches are always visible, under all lighting conditions. And that for up to 25 years.

Indestructible CARBONOX™ cabinet

Exclusive to Luminox: CARBONOX™. A plastic, reinforced with carbon, which makes it light, hypoallergenic and very strong.

Image of Luminox watch lighting
▴ Always Visible

Image of Luminox watch with Carbonox case
▴ Carbonox cabinet

The collection of Luminox Bear Grylls watches

The Luminox Bear Grylls watches have been developed in such a way that you have exactly the functions you need. With the introduction of this series in the spring of 2020, six models will be released: Four in the SEA category and two LAND. Two more AIR models will also appear in the autumn.

Photo watch from SEA 3720 series
▴ SEA 3720 series

Photo watch from SEA 3720 series
▴ SEA 3720 series

Photo watch from LAND 3780 series
▴ COUNTRY 3780 series

Depending on the category, the watches contain very practical functions such as: chronograph, compass, Morse code decoder, slide rule or running speed scale. But everything has also been thought of in the implementation. For example, the XB.3797.KM has a strap made of paracord. This versatile rope can be used in survival situations as fishing line, for making fire and much more.

Photo Luminox watch with paracord strap
▴ Paracord strap

Photo compass on watch strap
▴ Detachable compass

Of course, all Luminox watches are at least 20 ATM water resistant. This way you can be sure that your watch will continue to work under all circumstances. Even if you have to wade through a mountain stream or end up in a downpour.

Never give up

“Never give up”; “Never give up”, is Bear’s motto. No matter how hopeless the situation seems, stay positive and look for a way out. This motto is therefore on the back of the case of this series of watches.

Photo back of Luminox Bear Grylls watch
▴ Never Give Up

Became curious? Then immediately view this special series of watches by clicking on the images in this article.


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