Mercedes-Benz EQS sees stars

Facelift for top EV

Mercedes-Benz EQS spy shots

Mercedes-Benz facelifts its electric flagship. The Mercedes-Benz EQS gets some influences from the CLA Concept, with which the Germans herald a new chapter for electric models.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing for a new phase in its electric offensive, for which the upcoming electric CLA sets the tone in terms of appearance. The Concept CLA looked ahead to this and showed that the proportions of the ‘EQs’ are becoming more classic. This is not really easy to adjust in the event of a facelift for the existing EQ models, but some things may change with the EQS to bring it more in line with its upcoming little brother.

The nose and butt of the EQS are clearly covered in camouflage stickers and, especially at the front, a major intervention seems to be in store. The EQS will probably have a ‘grille’ that resembles that of the CLA Concept and is therefore more separated from the headlights than is currently the case. Speaking of those headlights: we clearly see a different interpretation with two Mercedes stars per copy as daytime running lights. The rear lights seem to be transferred relatively unchanged to the facelifted EQS.

Technical news then? It remains to be seen, but the electrical architecture will reportedly be upgraded to an 800V system and higher charging capacities (200 kW >) will soon be possible. Not an unnecessary luxury, because although charging is already quite fast, the charging speed of the EQS is certainly not trend-setting. We expect the unveiling of the updated Mercedes-Benz EQS sometime this year.

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