New emojis announced for the iPhone: this is what they look like

New emojis are coming to your iPhone! In iOS 18, Apple is reportedly introducing seven new images. View them here!

New emojis for iPhone

It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen new emojis. Apple last introduced a series of new images in iOS 17.4, when we saw a shaking head, lime and phoenix for the first time. Apple also added a number of new family combinations and variations on existing emojis. Now new emojis have been revealed for the iPhone, which will probably become available with iOS 18.

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While more than a hundred new emoticons were added with iOS 17, there are now a lot fewer. The first beta of Unicode 16 features seven new emojis. There can of course be more, it is expected that more new images will be added to Unicode 16 later this year. Are you curious about the new emoticons? Here they are:

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These are the new pictures

The new emojis that may be coming to your iPhone are a face with bags under the eyes, fingerprint, tree with branches, root vegetable, harp, shovel and some kind of ink spot. These are probably not the final images yet, because they must first be approved by the Unicode Consortium. In addition, Apple often gives the emojis their own design, which makes them look slightly different.

The Unicode Consortium has until July 2 to register and approve new images. After that, the official release of Unicode 16 will appear and we will know for sure which new emojis are coming to the iPhone. It’s quite possible that final versions of the emoticons will be announced on World Emoji Day, just as happened last year. That day falls on July 17 every year, more than two weeks after the Unicode Consortium deadline.

iOS 18 major update

Waiting for iOS 18

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a while for the new emojis for the iPhone, because they will only be available in iOS 18. Apple usually only adds the new emoticons in the fourth version of the iOS update, which means we have to wait until iOS 18.4. That update will probably not appear until March 2025, so it will take some time before you can use the new emojis.

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No new emojis will likely be available for the iPhone when iOS 18 is released in September. Fortunately, we will see a series of new (AI) functions, because Apple is catching up in the field of artificial intelligence this year. Apps such as Apple Music, Messages, Photos and Notes will then receive useful features. Curious about the update? Then read about the first announced features of iOS 18 here!

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