New Google Chrome in iOS is coming (and this is what it looks like)

Google is working on a new version for Google Chrome in iOS, which is much better than the current Google Chrome. We have the first images.

Google is working on new Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been available for download on the App Store for years, but the app has always been a watered-down version of the original browser. This has to do with Apple’s policy. All web browsers in the Store must run on WebKit. This is the same software that runs Safari, which makes every web browser in iOS behave the same as Safari in the background.

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Google Chrome actually runs on Blink, so Google had to modify the browser to run on WebKit. Apple does not yet allow alternative browsers in the App Store if they do not use WebKit. Behind the scenes, Google is working on a new version of Google Chrome on Blink that is suitable for iOS. The first images of this Chrome app have now leaked.

New Google Chrome in iOS is coming (and this is what it looks like)
The old version of Google Chrome on iOS can be seen on the left, the new version on the right.

This is what the new Google Chrome looks like

The first screenshots show what the new Google Chrome looks like in iOS. The difference that immediately stands out is the design of the browser. A blue bar has been added at the top of the screen. In addition, the search bar can be found again at the top of the screen. So the browser differs more from Safari than the Google Chrome app that is now available for download.

In the bar at the top of the screen you will also find a number of other browser functions, such as refreshing the page, going back to the previous page or continuing to a web page. The differences are not very big, but behind the scenes this new Google Chrome works completely differently.

The biggest advantage of the new Google Chrome in iOS is that the web browser no longer runs on WebKit. The version we are using now of Google Chrome is a watered down version of the browser and this is no longer the case with the new version. As a result, the new version of Google Chrome works more smoothly and the browser has more functions.

google chrome

Apple forced into a new policy in the App Store

It is no coincidence that the first screenshots of the new Google Chrome are now being shared. For years, Apple has been criticized for its policy in the App Store. The European Union has investigated and is now preparing steps to force Apple to change this policy.

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This new legislation is likely to be adopted in 2024. Apple will then introduce a new scheme for downloading apps. This legislation gives Apple two choices: apps must be able to be downloaded from the internet or more App Stores must be added. So this allows Google to launch the new version of Google Chrome in iOS.

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