New Infiniti QX60 in the spotlight

Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti will soon be presenting a new seven-seat SUV to the American public. It concerns the new QX60, a car where the current model with introduction year 2012 is due to follow up.

Infiniti is not running very well. The brand is not exactly going well from a sales point of view, but a small modeling offensive should turn the tide. The current range of Infiniti is not very up to date. The Q50 and Q60, also sold briefly in the Netherlands, have been consecutively for 8 and 5 years on the American market and the SUVs QX60 and QX80 are completely old-timers with their birth years 2010 and 2012. The current QX50, presented in 2017, is the youngest member of the Infiniti family, a competitor to cars such as the Lexus NX. The QX50 will be joined later this year by a Coupé-SUV brother, the already presented QX55. Infiniti wisely focuses on renewing its SUVs first and will therefore finally come with a new QX60 soon.

Where the QX50 offers space for four to five passengers, the QX60 is an SUV that can carry up to seven people thanks to its third row of seats. The QX80 is also capable of this, although the SUV affiliated with the Nissan Patrol is of a completely different order. The design of the new QX60 will no longer surprise anyone. Last year, Infiniti presented study model QX60 Monograph to daylight. Anyone who knows Infiniti a little knows that the Monograph designation is only stuck on concept cars that are almost ready for production. The new QX60, a competitor for cars like the Lexus RX and Lincoln Corsair, will get a 300 hp 3.5 V6, a machine that is linked to a new Infiniti automatic with nine speeds. The transmission was developed in collaboration with ZF.

Infiniti Q60 Monograph

Infiniti QX60 Monograph (2020, concept car)

At the end of September, Infiniti introduced the QX60 Monograph to the world, a study model with which the brand anticipated a completely new generation of QX60. Infiniti places the designation ‘Monograph’ on study models that are almost ready for production, so it is no big mystery what exactly is hidden under the camouflage stickers of this snapped test model. The QX60 undoubtedly shares its technical basis with its shorter brother, the QX50. Nice detail: anyone in the United States hunting for a relatively rare ‘QX60’, should keep his eyes open for a model called JX35. The current generation came onto the market under that name in 2012. That same year, Infiniti decided to use the ‘Q’ designation for its sedans and coupé, SUVs would now have ‘QX’ in their model name. As a result, the JX35 was renamed QX60 from model year 2013. The new QX60 will of course not come to the Netherlands, as Infiniti is no longer active in Western Europe.

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