New number plates for Lithuania

Armed with a weapon

Lithuania license plate

License plate spotters beware: Lithuania introduces a new license plate. The still white plates get a red element in the form of the coat of arms of Lithuania.

License plates from Lithuania are difficult for an outsider to distinguish from those of many other European countries. After all, they are white with black letters and the well-known blue EU bar, as is the case in most EU countries. The comparison with Sweden is certainly easy to make, because that country uses a similar font and the same number of characters.

They also found in Lithuania that the Lithuanian license plate could use a recognition mark. According to Deputy Minister Sigita Ščajevienė, Lithuanian drivers “felt a desire” to stand out more in traffic. For example, many Lithuanians would order personalized plates with abbreviations referring to the country (‘LIT’), in order to create a clearer distinction with the plates from neighboring countries.

That is no longer necessary from this fall. Lithuania introduces a new series of registration plates with one very clear difference from the current variant: the red coat of arms of Lithuania is printed on it. The Knight on the Prancing Horse (known as ‘Vytis’) will be featured on all newly registered vehicles from October. It can be found on regular car license plates between the blue EU slip and the actual license plate. Just like the Netherlands, Lithuania also carries other models of license plates, where the coat of arms is placed just above the EU bar.

Lithuania license plate

Lithuania chooses to keep all existing number plates. Residents therefore do not have to change their current plates and cars from before October 2023 will therefore go through traffic without the weapon. This white/blue number plate has been in use since Lithuania’s accession to the EU in 2004. Since 2000, the Netherlands has had the model with the blue EU bar, the so-called GAIK plate. Since that first year of this millennium, the design of the plates has not been tinkered with in our country.

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