New on Netflix: November’s best movies and series


Countless new Netflix movies and Netflix series appear every month. It’s difficult to keep up with all of them, so we would like to list the best movies and series that are new on Netflix. This is what’s new on Netflix in November!

Love Hard

With the arrival of November, the Christmas movies are also trickling in on Netflix. Love Hard is the latest addition to this category and it ties in with a popular theme: dating and finding someone through an app. A girl living in LA (played by Nina Dobrev) has little luck in love until she meets a hottie through a dating app. But when she decides to surprise him over Christmas, she finds out she’s been fooled by the Spatter’s best friend. Of course, all kinds of special situations arise while the girl still tries to put herself in the spotlight with the handsome friend.


Animal is another Netflix nature documentary. In this series, all kinds of special animals are followed very closely. This provides impressive images and special moments with this insight into the animal kingdom.

Catching Killers

If your job is to solve murders and find the culprit, you’ve got plenty of chilling stories to tell about what you’ve encountered on the job. That’s exactly what happens in Catching Killers. Police officers working on a murder case recount the most gruesome details of the cases that have stayed with them for years to come. The serial killers could only be arrested thanks to the unremitting efforts of these police officers.

To the Devil a Daughter

This 1976 film will be released on Netflix this month. To the Devil a Daughter is a horror film from the 1970s in which there was a great fascination for the occult. In this film, an occult writer discovers that a priest has the goal of labeling one of his nuns as Satan’s bride. The innocent nun must of course be rescued and the writer does everything in his power to keep her soul clean.


Passing is a film adaptation of the book of the same name that appeared in 1929. It tells the story of two black women in the 1920s in New York. The women meet again after years and one of the childhood friends now poses as a white woman. Passing tells how black women in the 1920s pretended to be white to avoid racism and discrimination. But in doing so they also deny their own origin. Something that becomes very clear to the friend when she sees how her black friend has built a life in New York as a black woman and is happy. Her carefully constructed reality threatens to be jeopardized.

The Horror of Frankenstein

Netflix is ​​not only betting on Christmas movies this month, some classic horror movies from the 70s are also coming to the streaming service this month. This includes The Horror of Frankenstein from 1970. This, of course, tells the classic story of Mary Shelly in which Doctor Frankenstein tries to create life after death and one stormy night brings the monster to life with a bolt of lightning. A classic tale that will terrify you!

The Legend of Zorro

Zorro: mysterious, fair, fast and agile and of course a charming charmer who can wrap any woman around his finger. The beautiful Elena (Catherine Zeta Jones) is, of course, the perfect and fiery wife for Zorro (Antonio Banderas), who often has to leave his family behind to fight evil. His wife, of course, would rather he hang his cape and mask up forever, but when a great evil looms, Zorro must hide his identity one last time to protect not only his family but the city.

Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis

Camp Confidential is a short documentary in which war veterans tell about a secret American army camp in which Jewish soldiers interrogated Nazi prisoners of war. This was done in a very special way, however, and the soldiers were instructed to be nice to the Nazis in the hopes of gathering information that could help America win the war. This documentary alternates animated images with the memories of the veterans, which paint a very special picture.

John Q

This thriller movie stars Denzel Washington in the lead role. In this film, Denzel Washington plays a desperate father who goes to great lengths to plan a heart transplant for his ailing son. However, when the insurance company indicates that his son is not eligible for this, and that the operation will not be reimbursed, John Q. decides to take rigorous steps. He takes hospital employees hostage and forces them to treat his son. This means that the entire police force has to come out to stop the hostage situation. This makes the situation a ticking time bomb that seems to cost lives anyway.

In a Valley of Violence

The American western film In a Valley of Violence will be released on Netflix this month and will have cast members including Ethan Hawke and John Travolta. In the translated desert of Mexico, a traveler is on his way with his dog when they arrive in the forgotten town of Denton. The former mining town has now practically been abandoned and is kept under control by a group of aggressive mobsters. The leader of this gang is the most dangerous of the whole group: Gilly. The traveler and Gilly become embroiled in a conflict and it soon becomes clear why the town of Denton is also known as the ‘Valley of Violence’.

Sniper 2

Sniper 2 is the sequel to the first part that came out in the 90s. In 2002 the exciting second part of this action-driven film finally appeared. In it, a former Marine is sent along with a sniper on a secret mission to assassinate an army leader in Eastern Europe. However, this does not come without a fight and soon the Marine and the sniper are chased by assassins and must flee through destroyed cities and grim scenes.


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