New Porsche 911 GT3 better visible

As early as October 2018, the GT3 version of the new 911 passed in front of our photographer’s lens, but since then it has remained almost silent around the car. Now that is changing, because the car is a lot of camouflage.

The 911’s 992 generation is already available as Carrera, Carrera S and Turbo S, but it should be clear that it will not stop there. The real enthusiasts (and some investors) will undoubtedly wait with great anticipation for the GT versions, more specifically for the well-known GT3. The sportiest 911 shows almost all its appearance on these spy images. The most striking feature is without a doubt the rear wing. It is apparently of GT3 RS format and hangs on its sturdy, curved legs, just like the McLaren Senna. Above the taillights there is also a “ducktail” spoiler, which makes the car look incredibly thick from the rear and undoubtedly generates the necessary downforce.


However, special additions can also be found elsewhere. What to think of the holes in the nose, which were still covered with fear in the earlier spy images. The previous GT3 also has extra openings here, but now they move from the top edge of the front bumper to the bottom edge of the flap. To make the folds at the top of that valve optically connect to those air inlets, they have been placed closer to each other.

The bumper is of course also firmly thickened and is provided with a tight “opening within an opening”. The image of the front also clearly shows that the GT3 at the front and back is considerably wider than a normal 911.

That enthusiasts can not wait for the GT3 is certainly not illogical, because it is expected that this version can keep its atmospheric engine for a while. The flat 4.0 screwed into the last GT3 would now be prepped for the new generation. Those who do not like the appearance of the GT3, can probably opt for a more civilized Touring version in the future.

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