New WhatsApp update: sharing photos and videos becomes much easier

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make it much easier to share photos, videos and other files. That is how it works!

Share files on WhatsApp

A new update is coming for WhatsApp! It then becomes much easier to share photos, videos and other files via the app. A test version reveals that a new feature is being added to WhatsApp, which is very similar to Apple’s AirDrop. The feature allows you to share files with phones near you.

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Apple has had a similar function with AirDrop for years. You can then transfer files, photos and videos between two Apple devices without needing an internet connection. With Bluetooth enabled, you can still share files with nearby devices. A test version of WhatsApp now has a very similar function. We already know this about the new feature.

whatsapp photo sharing

WhatsApp is working on its own AirDrop

WhatsApp has released an update to its Android app, adding a new way to share files. To use the feature, two users must open WhatsApp on their phones. Both devices must then be shaken briefly to activate file sharing. This prevents unwanted information from being shared with your phone.

The big advantage of this new feature is that your phone number is not revealed via WhatsApp. This way you can share photos, videos and other files without your number being immediately shared with the recipient. The data is still encrypted with end-to-end encryption, so you can be sure that the files are well protected. Another benefit: the feature works on both Android and iOS, while AirDrop is limited to Apple devices.

whatsapp update

New feature coming to WhatsApp

Furthermore, much is still unclear about the new update on WhatsApp. It is still unknown whether you need internet or Bluetooth to share files via the new feature. It would be a great advantage if the new function works via Bluetooth, because then you can share photos and videos in high quality without using a lot of (mobile) data. That is already one of the most important advantages of AirDrop.

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It is also not clear how large the files are that you can share via the new function on WhatsApp. We probably won’t have to wait long until we know more, as the feature is reportedly coming soon in a new update. WhatsApp usually brings new features to Android devices first, Apple will follow later. So just be patient!

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