Aiways focuses on autonomous driving

Aiways will soon bring a second electric SUV to Europe, a car that the company will fill with hardware and software that should make the model more autonomous than the already well-known U5.

The Chinese manufacturer Aiways currently has one model on the menu in the Netherlands: the U5. It doesn’t stop there, Aiways will bring the U6 to Europe early next year. The Aiways U6 is an electric Coupe SUV that is interesting for more reasons than its electric powertrain, expected pricing or appearance. Aiways stuffs the car with a new generation of its software and hardware that make autonomous driving possible.

Aiways is entering into a partnership with Hesai Technology, a company that develops Lidar systems, among other things. Thanks in part to the Shanghai-based company, Aiways can improve the autonomous skills of the U6. For example, the car will be available with what Aiways calls the AI-DRV system, a further development of the systems that Aiways installs in the U5. For example, the car gets High Speed-Navigation Assistance and Narrow-road Assist Function. The latter system can guide the U6 through narrow streets at low speed. The collaboration between Aiways and Hesai Technology should ultimately lead to new autonomous driving systems.

The Aiways U6 is the production version of the U6 Ion Concept and is an electric coupé SUV. Aiways gives the car, among other things, a front that differs from the U5. The U6 would initially come on the market in the Netherlands this year, but the market introduction is now planned for next year.

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