BMW will launch four new electric cars this year

BMW will launch four new electric cars this yearBMW will pull the curtain on four new fully electrically powered models this year. This includes an electric variant of the 3-series: the new i3. However, it could very well be that the electric 3-series will not come to Europe at all.

BMW Group reports that it will have a total of 15 different electric models in production by 2022. The brand names cars such as the iX3, i4, iX and the electric Mini. Piece by piece cars that we already know. BMW indicates that it will also have electric versions of the 3-series, 5-series, X1 and 7-series in (pre-)production this year. Those cars will therefore be added to the production portfolio of the German group this year.

The new 5 Series and its electric i5 variant have already appeared in front of our spy photographer’s lens. The same applies to the upcoming new X1 and the iX1 to be called the electric version thereof. The new 7-series will also get a fully electric variant in the form of the i7. We know that these cars will also be sold in Europe. Coming to Europe may be less obvious for the electric variant of the 3-series. BMW describes the electric i3 for the time being only as a ‘all-electric variant of the long-wheelbase 3-series developed especially for China.” We already showed you the new i3 without camouflage patches. This also concerned the electric long 3-series to be marketed in China.

BMW also indicates that it will release information about its next-generation battery technology within the next year. We also get to see more of the first cars of the so-called New Class, a series of models that will be placed on a new platform for electric cars only. According to the BMW Group, it is not inconceivable that the Neue Klasse will make it possible for half of the group’s sold cars to have an electric powertrain before 2030. Both Mini and Rolls-Royce will be fully electric from 2030.

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