Note: Bluetooth is easy to hack – especially on Apple devices

New vulnerabilities in Bluetooth allow attackers to hack into iPhones and MacBooks and intercept confidential data. You need to know this.

Bluetooth easy to hack

New vulnerabilities have recently been discovered in the Bluetooth protocol. According to Bleeping Computer This allows attackers to impersonate devices and hack connections between smartphones, notebooks, headphones, speakers and other devices using Bluetooth versions from 4.2 to 5.2.

Researchers have identified six different exploits (BLUFFS) demonstrated, which can be used to resolve weak encryption keys. This makes it easier for attackers to hack Bluetooth communications between devices.

hack bluetooth

AirDrop is especially vulnerable

According to experts, AirDrop, which uses Bluetooth and WiFi, is particularly vulnerable. Attackers within range of an iPhone or other Apple device can hack it, potentially intercepting sensitive photos, documents and other files shared via AirDrop.

The vulnerabilities affect all Bluetooth-enabled devices dating back to 2014. Smartphones, tablets, computers, wireless headphones/speakers, smart home gadgets, and cars that support Bluetooth Core Spec 4.2 and newer are found to be vulnerable. This also applies to the latest iPhones, iPads and Macs with the latest software.

There is no solution from Apple yet. Experts say the way Bluetooth handles encryption keys needs to be changed to protect users. It is unclear whether older devices can be patched and whether manufacturers are considering this to prevent Bluetooth hacking.

In the meantime, to minimize the risk of Bluetooth hacking, it is recommended that you turn off Bluetooth in public unless you are actively using Bluetooth headphones or earphones. Don’t use Bluetooth to share personal things like photos and avoid using public Bluetooth devices like speakers.

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