Offer: Disney Plus much cheaper (but soon more expensive)

Are you a big fan of Disney? Then this is your chance, because Disney Plus is much cheaper thanks to a temporary offer. This is how you get the discount!

Disney Plus now much cheaper due to offer

Disney Plus currently has a good offer, you can now take out a subscription for only 1.99 euros per month! That is much cheaper than the amount you normally pay, because for a standard subscription you pay 9.99 euros without the promotion. This saves you no less than 8 euros every month.

Get a discount on Disney Plus here

And the good news: with the offer you only pay 1.99 euros for the first three months. This means that you pay a total of less than 6 euros for these months, while with a normal subscription this is almost 30 euros. So you save a lot with the Disney Plus offer. This is also the time to take out a subscription, because Disney Plus has announced that prices will be increased again.

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Price increases again at Disney Plus

The small print of the offer states that you pay 10.99 euros for a Disney Plus subscription after these three months. The current price is lower, because you now pay 9.99 euros per month. In a few months, Disney Plus will implement price increases again. Disney has already announced this in the United States, but it was not yet known for the Netherlands.

This is not the first time, because Disney also increased subscription prices at the beginning of this year. In January, Disney immediately raised prices, and we can now expect the second price increase in one year. In 2019 you still paid 6.99 euros monthly for Disney Plus, but that will soon be almost twice as much. So the Disney Plus offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Cancel your subscription on time

The range on Disney Plus is enormous, with big names such as Star Wars, Avatar and of course all Marvel films on the platform. Are you planning to spend the fall with these titles? Then quickly take out a monthly subscription to Disney Plus, because the offer runs until September 20. You then pay the main price for the subscription again.

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Please note, because the monthly subscription is automatically extended. Therefore, cancel the subscription on time in the last month, otherwise you will pay the new price of 10.99 euros. The offer runs for three months, so make sure you cancel Disney Plus in the third month. You can then continue watching until the subscription expires. Are you then looking for a new streaming service? Then view the complete offer here:

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