Onvo L60 almost ready for unveiling: Nio’s answer to Model Y

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Onvo L60

Nio is about to really launch the Onvo sub-brand, with the first model; the L60. The Onvo L60 will probably be presented on Wednesday, but we can already get a glimpse of it now.

Nio’s answer to the Tesla Model Y, isn’t it there yet? Well, no, the Nio EL6 is in a sense, but it is considerably more expensive. With the new sub-brand Onvo, Nio (also in Europe) wants to serve the ‘mainstream’ corner of the car world a little more and the first-born is a direct Model Y competitor. The Onvo L60 should therefore be much more in line with the Model Y in terms of price and also looks a lot more like the best-selling car of 2023 in terms of shape. At least that is what we can conclude from these first images of the Onvo L60. .

Just like cars like the Tesla Model Y and the Volkswagen ID5 and Peugeot e-3008, the Onvo L60 is an SUV-like car with a sloping roofline. For the time being, we mainly see the back and in terms of lines, some influences from the parent brand are visible there. At the same time, the Onvo L60 is much more than a Nio EL6 with a slightly different bodywork; Carefully count on the same technology, but otherwise with a unique look.

Onvo L60

Relax in the Onvo L60

It seems that Onvo will reveal more on Wednesday about the L60, which is said to be about 10 percent less expensive in China than the Tesla Model Y. We are curious.

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