Oops: noise reduction AirPods Max works less well after update

The AirPods Max is known for its good active noise cancellation. Unfortunately, after a recent firmware update, this important function of the headphones works a bit worse. What is going on?

AirPods Max have less good noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a blessing for those who are often on the train, for example. You can easily withdraw from the conversations of your fellow travelers and immerse yourself in the music. The AirPods Max, Apple’s first real headphones, had excellent noise cancellation. Unfortunately, that has now changed.

Online complaints have been made for months that this function works less well after a firmware update from last May. The website Rtings has investigated the matter and confirms that the noise reduction of the expensive headphones has deteriorated. Especially low tones are blocked less well. This means that engine noises from a bus or plane can easily pass through the noise canceling break away.

Oops: noise reduction AirPods Max works less well after update

Rtings emphasizes that this is a relatively small difference. Those who didn’t use the AirPods Max before the firmware update will probably still be very happy with the noise cancellation. In addition, nothing has changed in the blocking of voices and treble.

Is a new AirPods Max on the way?

It is unclear exactly why Apple has tinkered with the noise reduction. The company has not yet responded to the commotion. That’s why there are wild rumors that Apple will launch a new version of the AirPods Max. Making the old model work less well would make users more likely to upgrade.

That seems unlikely to us, but the lack of communication is inconvenient to say the least. Hopefully Apple will come up with a statement soon.

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