Philips will launch 2 new Evnia monitors in mid-June with the Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A and Philips Evnia 24M2N3200A. These monitors are equipped with a 27 or 24-inch screen and both have a Fast IPS panel, full HD resolution, 180Hz refresh rate, HDR10 support and a Smart Crosshair function, so it’s ready for gaming.

The Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A and 24M2N3200A are mainly intended for today’s intense, competitive games. The refresh rate of 180 Hz should provide extremely smooth images that enable users to shoot accurately and precisely. In addition to a fast refresh rate, both models also feature a Fast IPS panel with faster response times than a standard monitor. For example, the 27M2N3200A and 24M2N3200A are able to achieve a response time of up to 1ms GtG in the maximum overdrive setting.

Thanks to the combination of a response time of up to 0.5ms MPRT and a very fast refresh rate, users get a gaming experience without motion blur, glitches and interruptions. This ensures proper sharpness and clarity, even in hectic and fast moments. Finally, low input lag further improves response time and minimizes the delay between the player’s action and the on-screen result.

Special features for optimal gaming experience
The Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A and 24M2N3200A offer gamers a range of features specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience. This improves the Smart Crosshairfunction improves aiming accuracy, helping you spot enemies more easily. In addition, the OSD menu provides quick access to various options with automatic enhancement effects. This improves the First Person Shooterdark scenes mode so that hidden objects are easier to see, while the Racingmode for bright colors and an extra fast response time. Furthermore, the Real Time Strategymode special SmartFrame technology that can highlight specific areas for targeted size and image adjustments. With these performance-enhancing features, no opponent is safe anymore.

Durable features and technology for eye comfort
The new Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A and 24M2N3200A models contain environmentally friendly technologies. For example, the feet of the stand are made of 35% recycled plastic and the chassis of the monitors are made of 85% recycled plastic (PCR).

To enjoy gaming, physical comfort is very important. To ensure comfort during long gaming sessions, both monitors come with a height-adjustable stand. Users can easily adjust the monitor to their preferred viewing angle, reducing neck and eye strain for long-lasting comfort. Additionally, the top of the monitors’ stand serves as a hook for users to hang their headsets, promoting organization and compactness on the desk. Finally, the LowBlue mode and Flicker-Free technology ensure that eyes become less tired.

Prices and availability
The Philips Evnia 27M2N3200A and Philips Evnia 24M2N3200A will be available from mid-June at suggested retail prices of €199.00 and €169.00 respectively.

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