Photo worth seeing: Jewellery and art as a key to the past

The reconstruction of this richly decorated necklace from a Jordanian child’s grave offers new insights into the social structures of the Neolithic period… more

During excavations near the Bronze Age city of Hala Sultan Tekke in Cyprus, archaeologists have discovered some unusually richly furnished graves – the rulers of the city may have been buried there… more

Archaeologists may have discovered an early example of Neanderthal art in a cave in France: fingerprints that are more than 57,000 years old… more

4500 years ago, the world’s powerful exchanged goods, ideas and – as recent research shows – lots of gold… more

Using an innovative process, researchers have extracted genetic traces from a 20,000-year-old deer tooth pendant that probably come from the original wearer… more

An archaeologist from Vienna and a German nuclear physicist are recalibrating the chronology of antiquity…. more

Around 800 years ago, a traveller buried gold jewellery and around 30 silver coins near the old Viking settlement of Haithabu. Now this hoard has been discovered… more

At the end of last year, Italian archaeologists presented the world with a sensational discovery: In the small Tuscan town of Casciano dei Bagni, they discovered 24 well-preserved ancient bronze statues. They once adorned an important temple and thermal bath complex… more

During excavations in the palace of the Mayan city of Palenque, archaeologists have discovered for the first time a sculpture of the Mayan corn god – one of the highest gods of this Central American civilization… more

Archaeologists have discovered traces of a workshop in Westphalia where special jewelry rings were made around 3,000 years ago… more

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