Photo worth seeing: Living with Parkinson’s

A new drug may reduce movement disorders in Parkinson’s disease, a clinical trial suggests. But it doesn’t help with all types of Parkinson’s… more

Researchers have developed a wearable robotic system that enables Parkinson’s patients to walk fluently again: By gently pulling, the device prevents the typical movement blockages… more

In our aging society, neurodegenerative diseases are increasing. A research team has now developed a device that detects biomarkers for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s at an early stage… more

Targeted stimulation of the spinal cord can compensate for walking disorders in Parkinson’s disease, a feasibility study shows… more

Illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or heart failure are noticeable in the gait. This causes significant loss of mobility, but also has potential for new diagnostic procedures and treatment options… more

Medications that are tailored precisely to the patient and his illness: What was a utopia a good ten years ago is beginning to become established today – and will shape the medicine of tomorrow… more

In a pre-form of Parkinson’s disease, certain protein aggregates accumulate in the stool. A study shows that these could possibly help with early detection… more

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that can detect the signs of Parkinson’s disease based on a person’s nighttime breathing patterns… more

The causes of Parkinson’s disease remain unclear. Researchers have now shown that copper ions can help a certain protein to clump together in the brain… more

The neurologist Armin Grau explains in a generally understandable way what is going on in the body for various diseases, which examinations make sense and which therapies are possible… more

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