PicoPDF lets you edit PDFs for free

Most PDF readers allow you to perform little or no editing on your PDF documents. If you do want to do that once, you are often dependent on (sometimes somewhat shady) web services. Do you find the use of an online PDF editor, no problem. PicoPDF lets you edit PDFs for free.






7 Score 70 Rating: 70

  • Pros
  • Various editing options
  • OCR module
  • Negatives
  • Menus not very logical
  • Mouse movements a bit stiff

If you the free edition of PicoPDF download, pay attention, because the link to this version is not very noticeable. Also keep in mind that the free version is for non-commercial use.

The program is very simple: to edit a PDF document, just drag it into the program window. This is even possible with multiple documents at the same time; they all end up in separate tabs.


In the menu bar you will find various sections, although the logic is sometimes hard to find. Don’t let that spoil the fun, because there are quite a few options. For starters, you can highlight any text in your choice of colors. You can also move predefined blocks to another place in the document with a simple dragging movement. We did experience that selecting and moving the text with the mouse sometimes went a bit rough.

Entering your own text or pasting it from the clipboard is no problem either. Just like setting a different font, size and color is not. You can also delete selected text. Adding images is just as easy, including scaling and moving. However, new images will end up as a separate (top) layer on top of your document text. So don’t expect text wrapping or anything along those lines.

You can also put a signature anywhere in your document. You can create your signature in several ways: draw with the mouse, import an image of it or just type in your name.

You can easily give text a different font, color or size.


There are still some options that only work at the document level. This allows you to zoom in and out, but not flip or rotate the document. And it probably won’t surprise you that you can print a page range that you can set yourself. You can also compress documents (with an adjustable compression rate) and merge multiple PDF documents into one large document. Finally, you can have editable text extracted from a document via OCR, although this is sometimes at the expense of the original layout.

Your own signature: drawn, scanned or typed.


We cannot call PicoPDF a professional PDF editor, because certain edits are a bit stiff. But all in all, this editor offers quite a lot of editing options: from highlighting, adding and moving text to inserting signatures and images.


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