Really nice Netflix series and movies: you’ll give them two thumbs up

Netflix comes with the option to give two thumbs up. With this you can indicate whether you really like to watch movies or series.

Netflix comes with two thumbs up

It has been possible for some time to leave a review on films and series on Netflix. You always had the choice of one thumbs up or one thumbs down.

These reviews are personal to you, as other users won’t see your thumbs up. Netflix, on the other hand, does use them to recommend new movies and series that match your ratings.

A new way of assessing will therefore be added soon. You will then be given the option to give a film or series on Netflix two thumbs up. This shows that you really liked the movie. It then becomes easier for the streaming service to make even better recommendations.

The option to leave two thumbs up on Netflix is ​​coming to all versions of the streaming service. So it doesn’t matter whether you use the Netflix app on your iPhone or on your smart TV, because it becomes possible to leave two thumbs everywhere.

Better recommendations through double thumbs on Netflix

It’s nice that you get recommendations that better suit your taste, but in the end, Netflix itself benefits the most from this. This increases the chance that you will watch longer and try new films or series.

Alternatives to Netflix (without thumbs up)

Do you hate all those thumbs up and ratings on Netflix? Or are you tired of the offer? Then check out HBO Max or Disney Plus.

Game of Thrones HBO Max

More about HBO Max

You pay for the cheapest Basic subscription of HBO Max 5.99 euros per month. The Standard plan will cost you 7.99 euros per month. With the Basic subscription you can watch movies and series in 720p (HD-ready) on one screen. With the Standard subscription, you can watch up to three screens simultaneously in 1080p (Full HD). Some films will also be shown in 4K.

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Disney plus iPhone

More about Disney Plus

Disney Plus costs 8.99 euros per month. There are no different subscriptions like with Netflix. You don’t pay anything extra to watch movies and series in 4K quality, but ‘just’ always 8.99 euros per month. There is a special annual subscription for it 89.90 euros which can save you even more per month.

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