Research proves: iPhone 14 is a big disappointment

A survey shows that the iPhone 14 is the worst reviewed iPhone in five years. Why is the iPhone 14 such a disappointment? And which iPhone is popular?

iPhone 14 turns out to be a big disappointment

A new study has shown that the iPhone 14 is a big disappointment among iPhone users. This study included data from more than 600,000 reviews on Google. These are reviews of the iPhone 4 through the iPhone 14 series. The survey found that the iPhone 14 is the worst reviewed smartphone in years.

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Where the iPhone 13 was still rated with five stars in 80 percent of the reviews, this is only 72 percent for the iPhone 14. The last time an iPhone on Google had so few five-star reviews was in 2017, when the iPhone 8 was rated with five stars in 71 percent of cases. Why is the iPhone 14 such a disappointment among iPhone users?

iPhone 14 disappointment reviews

Few new features with the iPhone 14

According to the researchers, the poor rating of the iPhone 14 is mainly due to the lack of new functions with the phone. The iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 differ little from each other on paper, for example, Apple has again opted for the A15 Bionic chip and little has changed in terms of design. More was expected from the iPhone 14, so the phone is now seen as a disappointment.

The fact that iPhone users expected more innovation is reflected in the assessment of the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. These phones were indeed well assessed. With the iPhone 14 Pro, 76 percent of the reviews give five stars and with the iPhone 14 Pro Max that is even 80 percent. With the Dynamic Island and the improved camera, these iPhones actually have more new functions.

iPhone 13 Pro Max is best iPhone according to reviewers

All iPhones since the iPhone 4 have been included in the study, which also gives us an idea of ​​what reviewers think is the best iPhone ever. A whopping 86 percent of the reviews rated the iPhone 13 Pro Max with five stars, making it the highest rated iPhone on Google. In second place are the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro.

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The iPhone 5C was the biggest disappointment in the past 12 years, according to this study. Only 64 percent of reviewers gave the phone five stars. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 follow in second place with 65 percent. The iPhone 14 is therefore not such a big disappointment compared to the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. View the complete overview below:

iPhone reviews

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Are you planning to buy a new iPhone? Of the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are the phones with the best reviews. The big difference between these iPhones is the size, because the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a bit bigger. Check the best prices for both devices in our price comparison:

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