Thanks to the better processor and improved memory, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 runs smoothly.

Aad Munsterman. Ernst Roelofs and Rob Coenraads

Galaxy watch6 intro 2

The Galaxy Watch6 has a nicer, thinner rotating watch bezel and a round, 20% larger (3.33 or 3.73 cm) and brighter screen. That’s why it has a larger battery and lower consumption thanks to the improved processor, but you still have to charge it (practically) every day. Thanks to the better processor and improved memory, the Watch6 works nice and smoothly and makes it easy for you to use Google Wallet, WhatsApp and gesture control, for example.

Samsung also ensures that the Watch6 gives you tips for a healthier life and certainly focuses on better sleep through sleep analysis and coaching, among other things. And it provides insight into heart rate, blood pressure and ECG and warns in case of fall detection. In addition, a lot of attention is paid to personalized fitness functionalities such as Body Composition and you can mBuild and maintain a Custom Workout training routine.

With eSIM in the Samsung Watch LTE version, you can make calls or use the internet without your phone being nearby.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Watch6

4 stars

Recommended retail price: € 319,-

Plus points:
* bigger brighter screen
* beautiful design
* many health functions

* battery life