If you often use multiple apps to purchase and manage tickets, Ticketkeeper is worth a look.

Dennis Gandasoebrata

ticket keeper

If you often use multiple apps to buy and manage tickets, for example festival tickets, then Ticketkeeper is worth a look. This relatively new app comes from the Netherlands and helps you manage your various tickets.

The app charges 50 cents per ticket to then manage it. You can also send tickets managed through the app to other people in your contact list. Unfortunately, you cannot yet charge money for this: the app does not yet have the option to settle internal costs – for example between friends. On the makers’ website we read that the possibilities are being explored, for example in the form of a future Tikkie integration. The makers are also working on a future possibility to get route directions for an upcoming event.

Through the app you can also access a section with past events. Here you will find tickets that you have already used. The app automatically notifies you when you get close to the location on the day of the event, so you don’t have to manually retrieve the data. Moreover, you can protect the cards so that other users cannot simply delete them.

Product: Ticketkeeper (https://ticketkeeper.com)

3 stars

Price: Free (includes in-app purchases)
System requirements: iOS 11.0+
Language: Dutch, English