With the WOOX R4238 Smart water controller or garden irrigation you can water your garden in a simple and measured way from any internet location. And for HCC members there is a special offer from April 4, i.e. a significant discount on the Woox R4238.

The weather on this earth can vary considerably and prolonged periods of drought can have a negative effect on our garden. For many, the garden is a source of pleasure and that fades away when everything fades. WOOX has developed a smart valve to supply the garden with water via remote control anywhere in the world where internet is available. It is also referred to as the WOOX R4238 Smart Garden Irrigation Control, or smart water controller/garden irrigation. The device, including connections, is made of plastic and measures 15 x 10 x 7.5 cm and is connected to the outside tap with a standard screw connection.

The hose of the sprinkler system is pressed onto the R4238 with a plug-in coupling. This R4238 must be equipped with the supplied 4 AA batteries. The controllable valve is activated via the WOOX app under + > Add Device > Control > Wifi Irrigation Control. Communication is via the 2.4GHz WiFi channel and the Tuya protocol. The connection was immediately activated in our test environment and the unit was ready for use. In addition to manual operation, you can set all kinds of start, running and delay times for one or more weekdays via the WOOX app. The actions performed are logged by the app. As soon as the valve is opened, you will see a green wave in the app, indicating that water is flowing. The control is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This unit is also available with the Zigbee protocol under order number: R7060.

For the device to function properly, you must have strong 2.4GHz WiFi in the garden!

Special HCC member offer
The recommended retail price on the WOOX site is €59.95, but is often offered lower online. HCC members can from April 4 However, buy this Smart water controller with the biggest discount. If you log in as an HCC member at https://hcc.nl/vereniging/vereniging/ledenvoordeel, you do not have to only € 27.95 to be paid including shipping costs.

WOOX R4238 Smart Garden Irrigation Control (Smart water controller)
Recommended retail price: €59.95
4 stars

+ simple but smart device
+ independent of mains power

– depending on batteries
– strong 2.4Ghz WiFi signal needed in the garden!

Woox R4238